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Where is the online concordance?

The Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB) has an complete online concordance available which lists every Strong's number.  It also shows the ROOT number, which is the main Strong's number when there are more than one Strong's number in a word series (one for a verb and one for the noun, for example). It compares the word choice in ARTB to the word used the most frequently in the KJV and the NASB.  It also compares the word to modern Hebrew if the word is used today. 

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In addition, each and every word is rated for confidence: LO, MED and HIGH.  That confidence scoring will be available in the next few months in text form with the low confidence words marked in red, the medium confidence in blue and the high confidence in black.  This new feature has never been done before for any work of literature.

The concordance and confidence text are only available with registration.  Once signed in, you will see "ARTB concordance" for access to these sites.

Did you know??? The Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB) is the first bible ever published to have a complete concordance available upon the day of publication.  It took the KJV several hundred years, the NASB approximately 50 years, and the NIV 30 years.  This project would not have been possible without the computer!