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Why did you analyze these bible versions and skip others?

There were two criteria to evaluate various bible versions: All of the bible versions analyzed are bestsellers, and the majority of them have an exhaustive concordance to support the analysis. The Zondervan series of Strong's concordances made this project possible. They are available for the KJV, NIV, and NASB. The NRSV does not have an exhaustive concordance for the Old Testament, just an unabridged one. Counts and comparisons to Strong's numbers were therefore not possible. The Message only has a simple concordance which is not complete. 

The New King James Version (NKJV) is a bestseller and is replacing sales of the KJV. I completed a brief analysis comparing it to the KJV, and believe that the results for the KJV speak for both versions. There is no exhaustive concordance yet for this version.

Some other versions may have better consistency and better matches of Hebrew to English, but without an exhaustive concordance, it's impossible to easily score their results. The author estimates that most of the bibles produced in the last 30 years (such as the Amplified Bible, the Living Bible, Good News) would have similar scores to the NIV. 

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