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Hebrew Strong's now with ARTB, KJV, NASB and NIV

The Bible Words Hebrew Strong's has been reissued and now includes the summary of the New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the New International Bible (NIV), as well as the original information for the King James Version (KJV) and the Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB). 

It is available as as a Kindle book for $2.99. 

These four bible versions are the only ones which have a complete Strong's number analysis.

Shipping from ARTB publishing resumes Monday October 7th

Orders will be able to be placed late Sunday evening, October 6th.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bible Words Hebrew Strong's released 5.23.2013

 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my route. (Ps. 119:105, ARTB)

Thank you for joining me on the journey to discover the meaning behind each and every word of the Bible. Our love for His word is based upon the premise that each unique word of the original manuscript merits a unique word in our English translations. His word IS a lamp and light for us!

Bible Words Hebrew Strong's is now available for $0.99 as a Kindle book at Amazon. This book is essentially my personal files which I used during my work compiling the ARTB. It compares the highest use word for every Hebrew Strong’s number for the King James Version (KJV), and also is the first publication of the Hebrew Strong’s lexicon of the Ancient Roots® Translinear® Bible (ARTB®) Old Testament (2006).


A. Frances Werner


P.S. for the Bible Geeks like me: As I was compiling the ARTB, I consulted a wide range of Strong’s Dictionaries and Concordances. However, many failed to provide a satisfactory answer about the real definition of a particular Hebrew Strong's number. Over time, I found that the BEST information on the real meaning of a word was NOT the complete Concordance listing of all the different words that occurred in the KJV, but rather the word that appeared the highest percentage of the time in the text. Consequently, I calculated this percentage for each Strong’s number. Secondly, I needed to watch out for those places where the main word was NOT dominant in the text, noting where it occurred 50% or less of the time, which suggested that the original translators were very unsure as to its meaning. Finally, I needed a careful eye to spot those places where the KJV reused an English word, duplicating its use. I added an asterisk (*) to my files to note these words.

The first volume Bible Words has been renamed, adding the word THESAURUS to the title to distinguish between the two books. It has been a very popular item, giving all the words of the bible organized by topics of everyday life. Bible Words Thesaurus is just $0.99 as a Kindle book at Amazon.





Complete ARTB now available on Kindle

Thanks to all the faithful readers who have patiently waited for the complete Old Testament and New Testament publication of the Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB) in e-book form. You now have at your finger tips the ability to search the holy Word of God in from end-to-end in Hebrew and Aramaic. I hope this will be a an additional study tool for you to gain incredible insights into your faith.

Text changes: The Old Testament includes minor updates from its initial publication in 2006 to correct typographical errors. I have also changed LAMPSTAND to MENORAH, the proper Hebrew (everywhere except Daniel 5:5, which is a different word); TEMPLE-SERVANTS to TEMPLE-USHERS; and GOPHER WOOD to WATERPROOFED WOOD (Genesis 6:7) based upon the research I've reported in my Blogs.

There are also changes in 3 key verses that were confusing or wrong in the first publication.  I need to write up a blog on these to explain the changes, but have not done so yet. Thanks to readers who pointed out the discrepancies. In Genesis 3:15, the word SHE is replaced with HE. In Numbers 13:16, Moses called HOSEA son of Nun, JOSHUA.  

In Hosea 1:2, the phrase BOY PROSTITUTE is a BOY OF PROSTITUTION. (He was NOT a prostitute, but rather the offspring of PROSTITUTION.) I recommend you note these changes in your hard copy. There are NO plans to reprint the hard copy at this time.   I fyoInI rco

I am very excited about Amazon's policy to automatically update anyone who buys this product for FREE.  You only have to buy this online once, and any and all updates will come to you for FREE.  

Two watchouts: If you are compiling research or bible study based upon searches throughout the OT and NT, I recommend purchase of the Strong-Werner Number guide for the New Testament. For example, if you search the word COVENANT, you need to be aware that the NEW TESTAMENT use of the word is based upon GREEK, not HEBREW.  80% of the words in New Testament Aramaic are identical to Old Testament Hebrew, but NOT all of them.

We are receiving complaints about use on ANDROID devices.  We are investigating solutions with Amazon, but don't have it solved yet.

Shortcuts: There are shortcuts for chapters, like 2PE3 for 2 Peter chapter 3. Details are in the Introduction. When you first open up the Kindle book, you will find that it is aggravatingly slow.  Give it time. It will work and the process will speed up after you use it.

Still want a hardcopy?  You can purchase the Old Testament (hardback only) and New Testament (paperback only) either separately or in a combo pak at


Strong-Werner Edition is HERE! 5.6.2013

I'm pleased to announce the release of the Strong-Werner Numbers edition of the ARTB New Testament.

It is now available for $9.99 at Amazon's Kindle store.

This new product not only gives a Strong's number for each and every word, but also expands the basic Hebrew/Aramaic Strong's numbering system to include unique New Testament words that do not occur in the Old Testament.

If you've never used Strong's numbers before, this may be the product that will entice you to start! 



For example, take a look at what you will find in Revelation 20:1:  

REV20.1 I 8372D saw 2370M another 0317 messenger 4398 descending 2369Z from 4481 heaven 8065. The 9999 key 7040Z of 1668 the 9999 Abyss 8415 existed 0383 over 5922A him 1958A and 2050 a 9999 great 7229 chain G0254 was 0000 in 0871 his 1886B hand 0343Z.

Without knowing Aramaic or consulting the manuscript, you can find that the words MESSENGER, HEAVEN, and ABYSS are identical to OT Hebrew/Aramaic. Words like KEY and HAND are unique to New Testament Aramaic, while the word CHAIN is a Greek word.  See details about the simple code below.

There are many more details about the product in the INTRODUCTION section of the book, which you can examine for free under the LOOK INSIDE feature at Amazon. Also, be sure to download a sample onto your system to make sure it words for you. Simply CLICK on the book picture above to go directly to Amazon.

Please help me get the word out!  Send a Twitter, Blog, e-mail, text message or Facebook note to your friends.


A. Frances Werner


What is a Strong-Werner number?

The Strong’s number series developed by James Strong1 did NOT include numbering for the Aramaic New Testament. Instead, his system utilized one series of numbers (1-8674) for the Hebrew/Aramaic Old Testament and a different set (1-5624) for the Greek New Testament. Utilizing his Hebrew/Aramaic numbering system as the base, I added an alphabetic prefix or suffix to the Strong’s number to expand the original system to include the unique and modernized Aramaic words in the New Testament. Hence, these are called Strong-Werner numbers. Here is the simple code:

  • Words that are identical with Old Testament Hebrew or Aramaic maintain the original Strong’s number, but may include an A, B, or C suffix.
  • Words that are modern derivatives (at the New Testament times) of Old Testament Hebrew or Aramaic maintain the original Strong’s number, but include an M, N, or O suffix.
  • Words that are unique to the Aramaic New Testament have a 4 digit number but are followed by a V, W, X, Y or Z suffix. These words were not in the original Strong’s series, and are only assigned the Strong’s number closest to their position in the Hebrew alphabet to preserve his masterful plan.
  • Greek words are assigned a G prefix to signal to the reader that the number is an original Greek Strong’s number.
  • New 9000 series numbers developed by the author expand the coverage of Strong’s numbers to cover grammar not included in the original series, and allow a Strong’s-Werner number to be assigned to EVERY SINGLE English word.
  • Words not in the original manuscripts are italicized and designated as 0000. 

There are NO plans to print this in hard copy at this time.

 [i] James Strong first published his concordance in 1890, and now the concept is available under numerous titles.


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