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ARTB Bible Blog 10.17.2011 Why EVER-TAPPING, not PATIENCE?

Our Lord said, “Hear what the evil judge -has said. Will not God do the demand, especially for his chosen that call to him about them daytime and night with an EVER-TAPPING spirit-wind? I say to you that he will do their demands quickly." (Luke 18:6-8, ARTB)

A note from A. Frances Werner:

In the ARTB New Testament, you’ll find an unusual verb, EVER-TAPPING, which describing the work of the spirit-wind. This passage from the story of the widow seeking justice from a judge highlights one side of the story, describing a persistent human spirit-wind which is EVER-TAPPING on the door.  Other versions utilize the words BEAR LONG (KJV), PUT OFF (NIV) and DELAY LONG (ESV) to translate the underlying Greek word, makrothymei, (Strong's Greek 3114).  In other places in the Greek text, various translations translate the same word as PATIENCE.  Probably the most familiar place is in Galatians 5:22, where it is a fruit of the spirit. But again in the ARTB, you'll find the verb EVER-TAPPING:

The fruits of the Spirit-wind, they exist: Love, joy, peace, an EVER-TAPPING spirit-wind, rejoicing, good-deeds, faith, humility, and endurance. (ARTB)

Why does ARTB employ EVER-TAPPING, not PATIENCE?  The first reason is the boring one: Most translations utilize the word PATIENCE with as many as 5 other Greek words, and the ARTB never assigns the same English word to two different roots. The second is the fun one: The root word MKR in Hebrew means CHISEL.  I believe this is the VERB for CHISEL.  Under most circumstances, I would have employed the verb CHISELED to the noun.  However, in English, the verb CHISEL means to cheat someone, and has nothing to do with the act of using a CHISEL.  Instead EVER-TAPPING was chosen to capture the sound and the clinks of CHISELING.  Think about Michelangelo taking tiny taps with his chisel, EVER-TAPPING to produce the final sculpted beauty of his creations. Think about the widow, continuously TAPPING and knocking on the judge's door. You'll find other passages in the ARTB which refer to the EVER-TAPPING Spirit-wind of God gently, continually tapping us. 

Most significantly, the passage in Galatians 5 merits meditation.  How many sermons have you heard about how we all fall short on PATIENCE when this passage is used?  Well, you'll still need PATIENCE based upon other scriptures.  But Galatians 5 reinforces the message of Luke 18 to me:  God WANTS us to be EVER-TAPPING, ever-praying, ever-demanding His grace, His gifts, and His guidance, just like the widow with the judge.  Blessings!